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2019 Liberty Cup Lacrosse Tournament

Randall's Island New York, the 8th Annual Liberty Cup featured some of the top talent within the University Lacrosse (ULAX) league network. Teams from Connecticut, New York, Long Island, and Pennsylvania met this year to duke it out for a memorable tourney full of fun and some great lax. Learn More: Main:

ULAX San Diego All Star Game

The top lacrosse players in the ULAX San Diego league matched up in this memorable All Star game at the Pechanga Arena. Special Thanks to the San Diego Seals, San Diego Lacrosse Club, and all the talented laxer's in SD.

You Don't Know Jack

ULAX Lacrosse Promo Video shot by a talented group led by Chris Allison. The video is starring ULAX LA's own Howard Alperin as Jack as well as Keanu Ross-Cabrera our favorite Washed Up Lax Bro. These guys sum up a litany of excuses for why players may be reluctant to play, but it's obvious they "Don't Know Jack."

2018 ULAX Chicago High School Boy's Fall

ULAX kicked off the inaugural high school boy's fall league in Chicago at the University of Illinois Chicago campus. Four teams from the local high school's competed in a four game regular season and two week playoff.

2018 ULAX Liberty Cup

The 7th Annual Liberty Cup Tournament hosted by ULAX at Randall's Island in Manhattan. Find out more about ULAX Leagues and Tournaments at Video courtesy of Jake Benrubi -

2018 Austin Summer Men's League

Highlight reel from the 2018 Austin summer league playoffs. Congrats to the ATX 91s for claiming the spring AND summer city titles.

2018 Philadelphia Summer Men's League

The Ducks faced off against Team Majin at the Proving Grounds in this years summer Championship Game in Philadelphia. Check out highlights and footage brought to you by KGD Films.

2018 Buffalo Box League

Check out highlights from our Buffalo Box League, where the Basom Bombers look to defend their title.

2017 Boston Men's Fall League

Championship Game in our Boston Fall Men's League shows us some highlights and game footage between the falls two best teams.

2017 ULAX Highlight Reel

Highlights from around the leagues, including drone and helmet cam footage!

2017 Philadelphia Men's Summer League

Check out footage and interviews from our men's summer league in Philly.

2017 Liberty Cup Tournament (NYC)

Highlights from our 7th Annual Liberty Cup Tournament on Randall's Island. (

2016 Houston: Men's Fall League

Enter the ULAX Houston Fall Men's League and see the action in this exciting highlight reel. Games played once a week at Houston Dynamo Sports Park on Monday Nights under the lights.

2016 NYC Men's Spring League

A look into the ULAX NYC Late Winter/Early Spring league shot and edited by Jake Benrubi. Games played at Chelsea Park and Columbia University's Baker Athletic Complex. Congrats to the Gotham Goats on winning the championship!

2015 Denver Men's Summer League

Take a look into the Denver Men's Summer League hosted at East High School. Here lax talent gathers from all over the state and abroad to claim the league championship!

2015 Los Angeles Summer Men's League

LA Summer Men's league at Campus El Segundo. Glitz, Glamour, Lax!

2014 NYC Summer Men's League

ULAX NYC Men's League boasts some of the best East Coast talent in a league that has had a strong following in the city since 2007. This video takes you inside the 2014 Men's Summer League at Baker Athletic Complex.

2013 Liberty Cup Tournament

The 5th Annual Liberty Cup Tournament hosted by ULAX at Columbia University's Baker Athletic complex in Manhattan. Watch some of the greatest lacrosse footage you've ever seen in this highlight video that showcases some of the top plays between the teams who competed. Find out more about ULAX Leagues and Tournaments at:

2012 Liberty Cup Tournament

ULAX 2012 Liberty Cup Tournament promotional video. August 11 & 12, 2012 at Columbia University.

2011 ULAX Women's League Promo

Promotional video for ULAX Women's leagues. Watch the video to learn more about the fastest growing sport in the country. The women's network encourages girls of all ages and abilities to start a league of their own, or to join the nearest one established. Contact Vienna via email to learn more: Visit:

2011 Denver Summer League

The 2011 Denver Summer League was a night league hosted at East High School. The video showcases talent from the west, including athletes from the University of Colorado, CSU, and Mines. - Edited by John Feinman

2011 ULAX NY Box League - TopSide Video

ULAX first ever Box Lacrosse League held in Manhattan New York. Top Side Lacrosse was nice enough to produce a two minute highlight video courtesy of the Championship game and winning team ... the Lacrosse All Stars.

2010 Liberty Cup Tournament

The 2010 Liberty Cup Tournament had some of the greatest lacrosse talent in ULAX history. Players came from all over the east coast representing such D1 programs as Syracuse, Villanova, Yale, Brown, and Harvard. Games were played at Columbia University in Manhattan, New York.

2010 Philadelphia Spring League

2010 ULAX Championship Tournament held in Philadelphia, PA. The tournament showcases the talent of Philly lacrosse as we see highlights from several games and hear commentary from local players.

2009 Denver Cup Tournament

The 2009 Denver Cup tournament features a series of cold games with intensity coming from teams around the state. Watch and listen to some of Colorado's finest college and post collegiate lax players as they battle for the Denver Cup. Games were played at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO.

2009 Liberty Cup Tournament

The 2009 Liberty Cup Tournament in Manhattan New York, showcases the action, player interviews and highlights of the tournament. Eight teams participated at Columbia University, playing as many as seven games in two days.

2009 NYC Spring League Championship

The 2009 New York League Championship game features some of the best non-professional lacrosse athletes in the country. The Championship game was played at Columbia University in Manhattan. The video was produced by Play Pushers, and showcases some cool highlights and slow motion effects.

2009 NYC Spring League

The 2009 Semi-Final match up played at Columbia University in Manhattan New York. The video showcases some great on field camera work with slow motion effects, hits, goals, saves and more. Video produced by Play Pushers.

2008 NYC Fall Men's League

The 2008 ULAX New York Video was meant to chronicle the match up between Team it Up and Team Hutchison as they battle in the New York ULAX league in 2008.

2008 ULAX Promo Video

2008 ULAX Promo Video with company founder Tim Leonard, along with 2008 Ann Arbor league managers Adam Lynn and Jason Javer. It was ULAX first attempt to explain the organization and raise awareness through the use of web video.

2008 Ann Arbor Spring League

The 2008 Championship Tournament in Ann Arbor Michigan. Watch as two University of Michigan fraternity teams battle it out for bragging rights on U of M campus.

2008 Ann Arbor Spring League - Team Lansing

This video features the story of Team Lansing, a group of ex-football players that made an hour and half drive from Lansing, MI to Ann Arbor in order to participate in the nearest lacrosse league available to them. We thought it was a compelling story to share with the ULAX faithful and shows why we do what we do.

2008 Highlight Video

The 2008 ULAX Highlight Video is a compilation of interviews and highlights from players in the Ann Arbor league. The video was shot at Ann Arbor Pioneer High School in April 2008.