About ULAX

University Lacrosse (ULAX) represents a network of men's and women's lacrosse leagues throughout the United States and Canada. Composed of over two hundred and fifty teams, ULAX operates within twenty-six different cities year round. The company was first established in 2005.

City Based Leagues

Each location operates for seven weeks within the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Certain locations are active multiple times throughout the year. During that time teams play each other in a predefined schedule. Within each city teams are given a 5-6 game regular season, followed by a 1-2 week playoff tournament. The league's regular season standings are based on a point system. Two points are awarded for a win, one point for losing, and zero points for a loss in regulation or overtime.

City Champions

At the end of the regular season, teams are seeded based on the point system. From there a single elimination playoff tournament is held with the winner being crowned the city champion. Within the current cities, twenty-five teams are ranked and invited to regional tournaments across the country where the top teams are invited to play.

University Lacrosse - Mission Statement

Our mission at ULAX is to provide an outlet for adult lacrosse. We strive to cultivate a safe league experience that combines both competition and camaraderie. For athletes around North America, we understand the value our leagues provide in helping players to remain in good physical shape. We are committed to providing a safe, affordable, organized option for lacrosse. Our commitment is to the athletes in our leagues and our goal is to provide the best possible experience.

Non-Profit Partnerships

University Lacrosse was founded to help provide an outlet for the game and we are equally committed to supporting the growth of lacrosse. ULAX supports several non-profits, who are helping to bring the game to low-income and less privileged communities. We value our non-profit partners as these groups are dedicated to bringing the game to those who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Lacrosse is the greatest game and similar to other team sports and athletics can be a gateway for some out of a life of poverty.

Lacrosse can help teach and instruct several skills and life disciplines that lead to a successful work ethic. With the help of our non-profit partners, ULAX provides volunteer coaching, cash sponsorships, and believes firmly in giving back to the organizations who are dedicated to growing the game.

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